Hello cleaner, healthier cuddle buddy. Goodbye little sniffly noses.

I am a mum of 2 boys - G and M.

G had a grimy soft toy that he refused to let us wash often, and it was causing him perpetual sniffles.

So one day, I picked up a pencil and designed the revolutionary Nuzzle Nana, Nuzzlings.sg's flagship product, as a solution for little ones who adore soft toys and parents who worry about the nasties on unwashed soft toys but are held hostage by the eternity that said soft toys take to dry.

From the softest organic cotton to the gentlest micro-nub velcro strips, I designed every single feature of the Nuzzle Nana to make it the cuddle buddy that any parent would be happy for their child to nuzzle against.

Nuzzlings.sg is our family's micro passion project to eradicate sniffly noses caused by hard to clean soft toys. Every personalised Nuzzle Nana is lovingly home embroidered and every Nuzzlings.sg order is carefully fulfilled by G's spritely grandparents.

P.S. Little M has his very own regularly cleaned Nuzzle Nana too! We're so pleased to see that he does not have the perpetual sniffles that his elder brother had.

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