A list of commonly asked questions that we'll continually add on to as we get to know you better (and vice versa)!

Product Related

1) What makes Nuzzle Nanas so special?

The Nuzzle Nana is the first baby comforter toy with a removable WipeClean© stuffing pouch, making it so easy to wash and dry. Nuzzle Nanas also feature Baby-Scent-Locker© bunny ears of the perfect length for little hands to fiddle with, allowing it to function as a chouchou over time. 

Based on an original design by Nuzzlings.sg, the Nuzzle Nana is created using quality, baby-friendly materials that do not shed fluff. These properties make the Nuzzle Nana friendlier for sensitive noses, and when washed regularly, is less likely to cause allergic reactions (i.e. hypoallergenic). 


2) Are Nuzzle Nanas safe for infants?

Nuzzle Nanas are made of quality materials that are gentle on babies' skin. They are also lightweight at only 45g each and come in soothing colours - making them suitable for younger ones. It remains however, strongly recommended that parents supervise Little Ones under the age of 1 when they play with Nuzzle Nanas. 


3) How do I keep Nuzzle Nanas clean?

Caring for your Nuzzle Nana is easy!

Step 1: Remove the WipeClean© stuffing pouch and give it a wipe with a wet cloth (if needed). All WipeClean© stuffing pouches are splash proof.

Step 2: Handwash Nuzzle Nana with a mild detergent (or even your little one's bath soap!)

Step 3: Gently squeeze out excess water and hang Nuzzle Nana out to dry!

Tip: If you need Nuzzle Nana to dry quickly, hang it in front of a fan or a hairdryer on cool blast!


4) Can Nuzzle Nana be washed in hot water (>60degs)?

Yes, when it becomes necessary, pop Nuzzle Nana in a laundry bag or old pillow case before putting it into the washing machine's hot water cycle.

Select gentle tumble options if available. As Nuzzle Nanas' organic cotton body comprises delicate fibres, some fabric piling may occur with regular machine tumbling.

5) Won't washing Nuzzle Nana remove my Little One's scent (negating the point of it being a chouchou)?


Hand on heart, negating a chouchou's chouchou-ness is a legit concern.

If your Little One's soft toy is his/her constant companion though, chances are that it'd pick up allergens on its surface over time. We've personally experienced how washing Nuzzle Nana regularly prevents our Little One from getting that stuffy/runny nose brought on by exposure to such allergens. 

One hack we use is to handwash Nuzzle Nana in our Little One's bath soap since that's a scent familiar to him. If you have other hacks, please share it with us on Instagram @nuzzlings.sg or via our Contact Us form on this website!


6) Will Nuzzle Nanas be available in different colours?

It's certainly in our pipeline of ideas! If you have a preference for a certain colour/design, please share it with us on Instagram @nuzzlings.sg or via our Contact Us form on this website. 


7) Is name embroidery available in different languages?

Name embroidery can only be done with the English alphabet.


8) What is that paper like backing on my name embroidery?

It's a special water-soluble stabilising paper that helps your name embroidery hold its shape on softer material (such as our Nuzzle Nanas' organic cotton bodies). The paper washes away easily with water.


9) I made a typo in the name I'd like embroidered. What do i do?

No worries, mistakes happen! Please email us at hello@nuzzlings.sg within 24hours of receiving your order confirmation email.

We will begin processing all name embroidery after an order has been confirmed for 24 hours. If you would like to change the name to be embroidered after 24 hours have passed, there will be a surcharge of $10 to effect the change.



Order Process Related

1) I placed an order! How long do I have to wait for my Nuzzle Nana to arrive?

Thank you for your support! Depending on whether you have purchased the Name Embroidery option, your Nuzzle Nana should be delivered to your doorstep within 7-11 working days from when you placed the order.

For urgent orders, please contact us at hello@nuzzlings.sg and we will see how we can help.


2) Which delivery service do you use?

We rely on NinjaVan's Ninjas to bring your parcels to you.


If your question is not yet answered, reach out to us on Instagram @nuzzlings.sg or via our Contact Us form on this website.