What Others Are Saying About Nuzzlings.sg

We are so proud to have been featured in the following like-minded publications:

1) Nuzzlings' Nuzzle Nana: A Perfect Little Companion for Little Ones by Little Day Out

This heartfelt, glowing review from a happy mum whose little one REALLY loves her Nuzzle Nana warmed our hearts and brought tears to our eyes! https://www.littledayout.com/nuzzlings-nuzzle-nana-review-companion-baby-little-ones/


2) Top Hypoallergenic Soft Toys for Little Sensitive Noses by Vanilla Luxury

We're listed tops among the hypoallergenic soft toys line-up here: https://www.vanillaluxury.sg/magazine/top-hypoallergenic-soft-toys-little-sensitive-noses


3) Best 100 Days Celebration Gift Ideas for Babies in Singapore by Vanilla Luxury

Shopping around for a full-moon or 100 day gift for a little one in your life? Nuzzlings.sg is featured in this list for being the healthier cuddle-buddy: https://www.vanillaluxury.sg/magazine/best-100-days-celebration-gift-ideas-babies-singapore


4) Sweetest Newborn Baby Gifts in Singapore to Say Congrats With by Sassy Mama

We are so excited to be featured by SassyMama in their sweetest newborn baby gifts listing! Nuzzlings.sg is featured for being the allergy-free lovey you'd love for your little one: https://www.sassymamasg.com/best-newborn-baby-gifts/


5) Best Hypoallergenic Soft Toys for Sensitive Noses in Singapore by Little Steps Asia

It's an absolute delight that regional parenting site Little Steps Asia featured Nuzzlings.sg for being THE award winning local brand for hypoallergenic soft toys in Singapore: https://www.littlestepsasia.com/singapore/shop/toys-and-gifts/best-hypoallergenic-soft-toys/