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The Nuzzle Nana

The Nuzzle Nana

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Shipping calculated at checkout.'s flagship product, the Nuzzle Nana features:

  • a delicate organic cotton body
  • Baby-Scent-Locker© micro-pile ears, perfectly sized for baby fiddles
  • the revolutionary removable WipeClean© stuffing pouch
  • the gentlest micro-nub velcro strips

Your Nuzzle Nana is housed in a food-grade silicone pouch, specially designed to keep your Little One's Nuzzle Nana clean when they go on adventures together.

Look forward also to a sturdy gift box which keeps your Nuzzle Nana safe as it makes its way to you.


Product Measurements

Size: 42cm (L) x 14cm (W) x 4cm (H at head)

Weight: Approx 45g

Care Instructions

Nuzzle Nana Care Guide:

Step 1: Remove the WipeClean© stuffing pouch and give it a wipe with a wet cloth (if needed)

Step 2: Handwash Nuzzle Nana with a mild detergent (or even your little one's bath soap!).

Step 3: Gently squeeze out excess water and hang Nuzzle Nana out to dry!

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